The ROHBAU digital hoodie is our signature unisex digital garment as seen on Arte Tracks, Vogue Business and Forbes magazine. This SUPER LIMITED digital-only hoodie is the core of our brand and what we believe to be the future of fashion. Behind it lies the conviction that digital fashion fully embraces the potential of giving you the tools to unlock your virtual identity.



MORVEN // Brothers Ed Antonio and James Sison are Morven, owners of the BRBL imprint and co-founders of London based Bade Records. Residing half in London and Berlin, they’ve played regularly at local institutions like Tresor, Fabric, Corsica Studios and Griessmuehle, as well as other European cities, alongside some of the most exciting names in techno. Their sound is heavily inspired by these cities’ progressive mentalities, freedoms, and histories and of dance music, resulting in a groove-laced, driving sound that draws from a range of rich influences. Stay tuned for their feature in our upcoming project dropping soon.

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