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ROHBAU is a digital fashion collective straight from Berlin. We are testing the frontiers of fashion with our digital-first approach. Our apparel is strictly designed for the digital and augmented reality space.

You will find yourself trying to wrap your head around what it means to own and wear a digital hoodie or an augmented reality t-shirt. We are intentionally provoking a dialogue which has led to our work being featured on:

rohbau press arte tracks vogue forbes

Join us on this journey of unlocking our virtual identities and creating inclusive virtual communities that are welcoming of your gender, race, sexuality and body type.

Unlock: Your Virtual Identity

ROHBAU believes that our virtual identities are not living up to their full potential yet. For most parts, we are stuck with the idea that our virtual identity has to be a reflection of our physical selves. But our virtual identity can literally be anything we want.  We want to drastically expand the understanding of what our virtual identity could look like. Our mission is to hand you the tools to fully unlock your virtual potential. 

Tackle: Sustainability in Fashion

It ain’t no news that the global fashion industry has a massive sustainability problem. Every year billion dollars worth of clothing end up in the trash without ever being worn or only worn once. Fired up by social media, there is massive demand for weekly drops, which will then be turned into content and then into trash. 

But is it possible to be a fashion brand that fulfils the never-ending desire for new outfits and be environmentally & socially responsible at the same time? The answer seems impossible, but by aiming to be digital-only in the near future our ambition is to be a zero waste fashion brand while simultaneously answering to high levels of consumerism.

Engineer: The Future

In contemporary discourse, a technology advanced future is oftentimes linked to dystopian themes such as oppression and totalitarianism. Virtual & augmented realities are oftentimes linked with themes such as isolation and surveillance.

ROHBAU wants to be a counter movement to a dystopian technology advanced future. Some sort of virtual reality is inevitable. Instead of passively accepting this virtual reality to be dystopian, we want to actively create virtual communities that are inclusive of your gender, race, sexuality or body type.

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